Celebrity Grand Tour

Currently Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday departing at 9:00am. Click for more info

Sinatra on Saturday

Begins again November 1st - The Celebrity Grand Tour with extra Sinatra sightings. Sells out quickly! click for more info

Private Tour


Known as the Celebrity Grand Tour on Steroids. Click for Info

Cha Ching - Cha Ching

Born June 7, 1943, first name Charles, with an acting career spanning 45 years beginning in 1952. In 1969 he married Sandra and they have two sons who once appeared as his children in a later remake movie. Served on the LA Police Department from 1970-1988, was shot three times while pursuing an Auto theft. "Who Am I?"

Write down your best guess, give it to us at the office. Guess right and we hand you $5. One guess per reservation!

Last contest, Gerald Ford, longtime resident of Rancho Mirage, CARead the history here

 Clue to last contest - the only future U.S. president to tackle a future Heisman Trophy winner when he brought down running back Jay Berwanger, who would win the first Heisman the following year"

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